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I recall them in yellow, or yellow with blue stripes, can't say I've seen a factory scheme in yellow/blue. Some photos show a yellow and gray (I think the gray is on the removable sheet metal panels).

Did you check airliners.net or do a Google image search?


This shot of one at the NASM is via airliners.net:



A long shot...

Try Sikorsky PR (current owners of Schweizer which produced the aircraft for Grumman before buying the design in 1981)...


Northrop Grumman ( original designer and seller of the type) PR.

Or contact the current owner of the type certificate, Allied AG Cats of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.


Also, the back issues of FLYING magazine are available free online via Google.

Select the 1960s and do a search.

But, having read that magazine back in the day, I don't recall seeing a color ad for them...which makes sense, they were after a different market than the normal general aviation types which did have car-like color magazine ads.

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If you're doing anything other than a factory fresh machine, or a specific example, an eyeballed colour is going to be close enough for a working ag plane. Chemical, oil and Gas stains rapidly tint the paintwork, and if aircraft were lucky enough to have their paint touched up, itd often be a case of close-enough is good enough.


Are you building the Jamo kit? Mines on its way to me and I cant wait!!

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On 7/6/2020 at 3:42 PM, dnl42 said:

When did you order? I can no longer find any evidence of their existence. 


I emailed Giannis directly a few weeks ago about it.




He responded quickly and has communicated at each step of the shipping process.



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