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have you ever noticed that?

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Is it about the companies' relationships to each other, or about the companies' relationship to a limited supply of artists who do boxtop art?

Do boxtop art and boxtop artists go through trends and fads like so many other things in life do?

Is "Skyraiders and napalm says Vietnam" a standard military history trope?


And, remembering a couple decades ago when I wondered what that word meant,

I. What is a Trope?

The word trope can refer to any type of figure of speech, theme, image, character, or plot element that is used many times. Any kind of literary device or any specific example can be a trope. Most often the word is used to refer to tropes that are widespread such as irony, metaphor, juxtaposition, and hyperbole, or themes such as ‘the noble savage’ or ‘the reluctant hero.’ It must be used multiple times to be a ‘trope’ but it is also possible talk about something that’s a trope in only one novel or one author’s works if it is used many times.


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