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CD72113 - 1/72 B-1B Lancer Part 2

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It looks like I have not done a 1/72 B-1B sheet after CD72056 sold out fairly quickly. CD72113 will be a new 1/72 scale B-1B sheet, with some options from the current 1/48 sheet (CD48144) and a few brand new ones. Overall gunship-gray, all current or recent (post-2010) options on this sheet.

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8 hours ago, B-ONE27 said:

Yup, I won't miss this one, perhaps some Mountain Home birds!


Probably not, as he said this would be a post 2010 sheet.  If I am not mistaken, the 34th BS moved from Mountain Home, ID back to Ellsworth, SD from the 336th Wing to the 28th BW in 2002.  The period that B-1Bs were assigned to the 366th was from late 1994 through 2002.  The period that the B-1Bs were actually at Mountain Home was 1997-2002.  I am using three decal sheets to make my B-1 project for the 34th while assigned to the 366th at Mountain Home.



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I know its been a while but I'm looking to upgrade a monogram 1/72 b-1b to a post 2010 variant, to include the Sniper ATP pod, When will this release as it seems perfect for my  build or where  can I find  it if it has already been released?

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