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Wanted: 1/72 VF-142 F-14 Decals please!

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Good morning 🙂

I'm after some 1/72 VF-142 Ghostrider decals for the F-14( the later ones with the skull head). I know they were available in Repliscale 1025 and Superscale 72-439, but cant find any of those in 1:72! 

They're also the ones in the 1990s Italeri kit, so if anyone has done one of those kits but not used those decals, please let me know 😉

many thanks 


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Hi Jon,


I too am looking for a set of 1/72nd VF-142 decals from the much cooler, later era.  I did buy a set of Super Scale Decals for that option but I prefer to have the Italeri kit decals or the (VERY!) hard-to-find Repliscale ones.  I may end up buying an Italeri kit just to have a set of decals! :-(


Contact me at; glynnj@swbell.net if you're interested in the SuperScale sheet and we can work something out.


Take Care,



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PM inbound to you two gentlemen, I was clearing out my modelling stash and I have 2 of the Repliscale decals sets I will most likely not use.

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