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Academy 1/35 M1A2 Abrams TUSK II Completed

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Hi everyone

Well this was new for me.  My first ever armour build completed and I thoroughly enjoyed and glad I picked this kit.  The Academy new tool Abrams is amazing to build.  I have no fit issue at all and alot of parts simply push fit and functional.  There's no internal detail but that was fine with me but everything else put together looks great.  I'm not up on tank technology or the specifics of any given tank or vehicle but the visual impact looks about right from a few photos I checked out.  Some of the features that drew me to the kit is the three part slide molded gun barrel which eliminates any centre seam associated with other tank kits and also the rubber/vinyl tracks.  The thought of putting together 50+ parts just to build up tracks just scares me and the Academy tracks just fell into place nicely.  For paint, I used Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black as a primer and then used AK Interactives OIF/OEF Weathering set which contains AK-122 US Base Color along with two weathering washes.  I also used Tamiya XF-57 Buff mixed with XF-1 White to bleach things out.  Weathering was Ak Interactive washes and Tamiya Weathering Pigment sets.  As for the decals, again I make no apologies for not knowing any tank unit markings etc, I just went along with what I though looked good to me and chose to stylise things a little.  My main interest for modelling subjects are US Navy aircraft therefore I've always got spare hornet or tomcat decals on hand with not a lot of use for them.  I took influence from stories I've heard from my father who's retired Royal Air Force and stuff i've read in books where crew from other units or branches of military forces have been known to zap other units vehicles, aircraft etc with their own patches and insignia.  Hence why I had a bit of fun by adding the Hornet anti slip tread patches, intake warning triangles and the US stars and bars and a reference to a certain song that most of use know from a certain 80s movie!!!  Ultimately this was just a fun build and a different genre to try out and again no apologies for any inaccuracies.



















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