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Covid-19 Update:

After much discussion between the  IPMS Orlando officers and the Wyndam convention center, due to the ongoing pandemic and for the safety of attendees to the show, Modelpalooza is cancelled for 2020.  With the restrictions that would be mandated both by the state and by the Wyndam resort, we would not be able to operate the show at full capacity.  This would put Modelpalooza at a severe financial disadvantage that would jeopardize funding future shows. 

We want to be able to offer a fun, full and safe show that all can enjoy, and to that end it is better to cancel the show for this year both for the safety of all those involved and to keep Modelpalooza solvent for future shows.

On a more positive note, we have been successful in negotiating the use of the Wyndam for 2021 and 2022. If all goes well, in fall of 2021 we should be able to resume Modelpalooza at that time.  We will announce the new dates once we have worked out the details with the venue.

For vendors who have registered and paid for tables, you will be contacted separately to work out an extension for 2021 or for a refund. For those who have booked hotel room reservations, it will be up to you to cancel those on your own with the Wyndam.

We want to thank you all for your patience and support during these trying times.  Keep building!  We will be sure to have plenty of tables to display almost two years worth of build time at the next show.

IPMS Orlando.

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This is a sad thing to happen but from what I can tell, most if not all shows seem to be cancelled this year.  It is the reality of the situation.

Things will be better in 2021.


Stay safe everyone.

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