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G'day people,


A question regarding the auxilliary fuel bladders fitted to the rear cabin to extend range/duration.


When these are installed, is there any additional piping visible between the bladders and the cabin?


thanks in adavnce,



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 I am trying to remember from my Army Flight School days back in the early 80's.  We flew the UH-1D/H with those aux tanks during the instrument training phase.

I seem to remember fuel lines came out of the top of the tank and connected to ports on the sidewalls of the rear cabin.  If I still had my Army UH-1D/H Huey -10

I could be more precise.  I am sure there is somebody who can be of more help.  After I graduated flight school, I never flew a Huey again.


Steve Sliger

Greenwell Springs, LA


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Yes, there are some external fuel lines that connect to a junction box in the floor plate.  You can see them below.




Here is how Patrick Najmulski depicted it on his 1/35 Dragon UH-1N.




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G'day Steve and Gino,


Thanks very much for the speedy response, that was extremely helpful. The silver looking line that rises vertically, is doesn' look like it is connected in the pic, is that correct/normal? Is this the same for both sides i.e. symmetrical?





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