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It's Stock, but custom... 4-Door Corvette (OOB)

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If you believe that too much is never enough, then you can probably understand what GM was thinking when they let California Custom Coach create what is perhaps the most excessive Corvette of all time, the four-door Corvette America! The idea was to create a four-door, four-seater Corvette that would, uh, well, I don’t know what. It would be long, and expensive, and not really compete with any other sporty car since it was slow. Does that work?


Beacause I love the losers, the odd and forgotten, I clearly have a super-big love of this weirdo. I mean, it’s a FOUR-DOOR Corvette!!! How much more forgotten loser does it get than that??? I consider it a miracle that Monogram got suckered into making a kit of this thing, and I consider it an even bigger miracle that I was able to snag one for like, $10 still sealed a couple of years ago.


Of course, I could have just sold it, but I really do like the Corvette America, and that means I had to pop it out of the box and revel in all the late ‘70s bad ideas I could handle. Lucky for you guys, I also decided to share it! (That makes you lucky, right?)


Check out this completely bonkers Vette at the link below, and remember: it was the ‘70s. If that’s not an excuse, it’s at least an explanation!





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Yeah, I think I've seen where CCC made something like 6, or maybe 8, of the Americas. I think 4 or so are left alive now. 


I just can't get over how long it is. I mean, a Panamera does the same thing (just as sexily) but with less ridiculous length! I can't see any reason to go the route they did, other than wanting the T-roof thing, and that's a silly reason, if you ask me!

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On 7/14/2020 at 12:52 PM, Faust said:

I can't see any reason to go the route they did...

ummm...why have 2 people go really fast when you can have 4 go really slow>????   ok, that's not a good reason either. ohhhohhh I know....CHEVY!


I actually remember seeing this kit on the shelf back when Kroger's used to have a model kit aisle. That's right kiddos, even grocery store chains had model aisles back in the good old days.



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Well, to be honest Bill, let's face it; it would be two people going kinda fast-ish, or four people going slower. Those  late '70s and early '80s Vettes weren't "Warp 9"-capable or anything like that. They were, like everything else, just boulevard cruisers. Of course, the America IS the boulevard, but that's besides the point, right? 


And yes... Chevy seems to be a good answer, or at least good enough for government work!


WHAT?? Models in Kroger's?  That's awesome! I remember them in the department stores like Woolco, Zellers and K-Mart, but I don't recall them in grocery stores.  Heck yeah!

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Man, I don't remember seeing kits in grocery stores. 


I do miss that you could pick up kits in what are now considered "weird" places. I miss being able to go to a department store and just seeing models out there as something for everyone. It's kinda sad.


I know modern kits are way better, but it's nice to think there was a time when people were happy to try crafting something, even when it wasn't perfect. 

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I got my first General Lee model kit at Ralph's Supermarket... :thumbsup:

Zody's, theTreasury, Thrifty Drug and Kmart all had decent model kit selections back in the 70s and early 80s.



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