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Dear all,

I always wanted to build a Vietnam ear RC-135M

So it is no surprise that I have the AMT RC-135 kit in my stash.

Unfortunately the Vietnam specific “M” version has some fairings at the rear sides.

After a lot of time I found some on Shapeways and ordered them.

In my eyes thze shape matches the picture available and the fit is probably much better than some of the kit parts. 

Here you can find two picture of a test fit:



Please note that the parts have just been glued into place without any pressure or sanding to improve fit.

Now that I have the parts another problem surfaces.

I will need decals!

The pictures which I could find show them with and without SAC- milky way. And some other details are also unclear.

For example, did they had the crew names painted on? One picture shows a "letter box" above the entrance hatch, but this also could be the emergency procedures instructions.

Does anybody know about decals available or could help with further information?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance and stay healthy!





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Always fun to see another one of the many peculiar RC-135 variants!  (I have a long-term goal to model the RC-135S Cobra Ball myself).


From some quick google-fu it looks like the M wore a pretty standard SAC scheme very similar to the KC-135s of the same era.  Not sure of details on when/why the markings would have changed to add the "Milky Way" sash, but it looks like they had this while still wearing overall corrogard (aluminum colored finish). 


Most, maybe all of the standard data stencils should be the same as a KC-135 of the same vintage so you can try looking for those photos on sites like airliners.net for a better idea of what you're trying to duplicate.  You'll also probably be able to use aftermarket decals for the KC-135 for everything that isn't specific to the Rivet Card.


KC-135 sheets that feature sashed birds include:

Warbird Decals 72008 KC-135A (2 sash options)


Three Guys Replicas  3G-001 (2 sash options, blue of the bands is probably too light)


Experts Choice 72-19 KC-135A/E (3 sash options, plus USAF titles & national insignia)


Xtradecal X038-72   Hi-Viz Boeing KC-135A/R  (Generic tail bands & wing badges for multiple SAC units, plus one set sashes & generic numbering)


Also, Microscale 72-187 AF Command Insignia includes "generic" SAC badges and Milky Way bands


Unfortunately most of the above list are out of print, but you can try a want ad on the buy/sell forum, or check sites like Etsy or Ebay.


As far as the detailed markings, given the mission, crew size, and other considerations, I'm 99.44% sure these birds would not have worn crew names.  If you study a KC-135 walkaround or two you should see most of the same type of airframe maintenance stencils, which should be similar on the RC-135M.  The aircraft data plate may be the only "unique" marking, and since it should be black text (in very small writing at 1/72 scale), you can make your own decal for this with a good printer and some clear decal film.


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