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CD72115 / 72116 - 1/72 USAF KC-135A & E Stratotanker

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CD72115 and CD72116 will be limited-run (250 pcs each) 1/72 sheets dedicated to USAF  in the older, overall light gray scheme. 


CD72115 - 1/72 USAF KC-135A Stratotanker

CD72116 - 1/72 USAF KC-135E Stratotanker


These sheets will each have markings for 8 Stratotankers, but no national insignia or common stencilling - you will need to source these from the kit decals or from CD72070 (C-135 Family General Markings), which will be released at the same time. 

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I am watching, though I only have one KC-135A left (I think) and the NKC-135E?. Doing another tanker is more appealing I must stay and I am a fan of the bare metal and grey SAC schemes.


I'll be interested to see the artwork of these sheets with another 6 or 7 EC/KC/RC kits lurking in the stash

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11 minutes ago, Drifterdon said:

Does your momma know you ramp surf Hooker?  :thumbsup2:

Lol, in all fairness it was never THAT extreme but ya, she wouldn’t be happy!

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