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C-46 in military service

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Here's some shots of a C-46 we had make a emergency landing at our base.  It needed a new engine and sat for some time until a replacement finally showed up and they left.




They posted a guard from our Air Base Defense sectionwith orders to shoot anyone trying toi access the aircraft vwithout permission of the crew.

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3 minutes ago, Drifterdon said:

Air America?


Aircraft was registered in Laos. Did Air America have non US registered aircraft. I would  assume it was a much more shadowy arm of the CIA (or some other equally shadowy group) that flew this one. 


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Never found out for sure who they were.  Somebody got posted each shift, each one informed that anybody approaching the aircraft with out a member of the crew was to be shot.  We were not to go around asking questions.  One day I took my jeep to that end of the base and we found out it had left during the night.  We never saw it again.

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All us skycops assumed it was the CIA and we left it alone and kept quiet and as far away as possible.  The CIA had a reputation back then that made most people avoid them if possible. Was it deserved? we didn't know of care to ask.

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