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Me-410 Monogram 1/48 + goodies

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Wanted to share my new project, this is Monogram/Promodeler's 1/48 Me-410.  I didn't know much about the 410 before seeing this kit, but it's my new airplane crush 🙂


The kit is really well detailed out of the box, especially for 2008 ish vintage.  I did order Aires resin set for the gun bay detail, but the stock parts cockpit is very nearly as good.  Beige is stock, green is Aires below.




I really liked the open engine nacelle on my Pe-2, so also adding CMK DB603 engine and gear bay set.  I'm not suuuuper happy with the engine detail, there's a lot of detail missing and some parts are too chunky.  But it's a good starting point.




These detail sets are a project unto themselves, so there isn't a lot of plane to show right now, just a collection of parts in various stages of paint.




Really looking forward to seeing this fill out my twins shelf alongside the Mossie, P-38 and Pe-2.


Thanks for looking!

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That''s some nice work!  I'll enjoy watching your build.


As a resource, you might want to find the Me-410 build by "chukw" over at Hyperscale.  Great build with lots of great information.



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Yes, I did see that thread.  It's a work of art in itself and big inspiration!

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Engine piping added.  As far as I can figure, most of the external piping is crankcase ventilation 😮

On the flipside I really get why the germans used inverted V engines now.  The heads, coolant circuits and other serviceable bits are clearly easier to work on and your wrenches and nuts fall to the ground, not into the engine bay!





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So the CMK engine kit is a little disappointing. 




The oil tank is wrong, the engine cradle is wrong, obvious details are missing and the top cowl portion from CMK can't actually fit over the engine, because the engine cradle arms sit too far out.  I intended to model the top of the cowl closed but removable, and the bottom (DIY) cowl open, so now I think we're going with a permanently closed top cowl if I have to grind down the engine cradle.


I console myself with Aires cockpit which is hitting all the right notes!



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