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That is most definitely a mistake - my apologies. 15102 is the dark blue color NASA uses for the cheatline.

I believe FS15488 would be a good match for the light blue, but I will take more measurements from photos tonight and post an update.

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16 hours ago, Space Tiger Hobbes said:

I found 15488 and it looks almost powder blue (in an image) (on the internet), so....   Closer colors I think are 25250 and 15125. I'm curious what it is and if somebody makes a bottle of paint for it. But I'm ok mixing something close from the plethora of blue colors out there. Like this.Colbalt Blue Enamel Paint Testors 1/4 Oz Bottle - Newegg.com


I recall an FSM Colors & Camouflage special feature many years ago that detailed the history of NASA's "fleet" schemes, but unfortunately I don't recall the standard for the light blue bellies.  I would say it is darker than FS15488, but much lighter than FS15125.  FS25250 is fairly close, possibly a bit dark.


Judging how light/dark the light blue color is can be difficult since the areas below the cheatline are usually in shadow/poor lighting.  I found this shot of an F-104A with the main gear doors in transition that gives a good comparison with the dark blue stripe in equivalent lighting:6ea1a3f321f448079ae35471062a663a.jpg


For the record, Rocketeer in their 1/144 F-104 decal instructions suggests Gunze 323 JASDF Light Blue.  Hasegawa's recommendation is 80% H34 Sky Blue + 20% H1 White.

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On 8/1/2020 at 2:35 PM, Space Tiger Hobbes said:

Thanks, that Gunze color looks really good. Here's a shot indoors from the Boeing Museum of Flight out of the glare. Different tail number. Possibly restored. 



The F-104 at the Museum of Flight is actually F-104C 56-0934 that never flew with NASA. They painted it to represent a NASA F-104 so I wouldn't use it as an accurate reference. The real NASA 820, F-104A 56-0790 was modified to a G for weapons shape testing and is now on display at Edwards AFB.





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