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Best looking vertical tails

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I caught one of the last flights landing at Pt Mugu on my Sony Mavica around 2003...I need to dig it up and post.




another I saw as a kid at an airshow in FL...actually it was more of a flying reaper....gonna have to search



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7 hours ago, Slartibartfast said:

Spruemeister must be old, like me, to know recognize Betty Grable.


Define old.  I acknowledge that some of the finer things are timeless.  Including a few build by Boeing and North American. 


And I'll see your Betty Grable and raise you a Frances Gifford. 



Rick L.

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On 8/1/2020 at 2:45 PM, Slartibartfast said:

I like this one.


Slartibartfast for the win! I vote for Betty over all of the Tomcats, Sixes, or what have you that have been posted since! Seriously though, thanks for giving me a good laugh today at work.🍻

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On 8/8/2020 at 11:46 AM, ikar said:

Where did they get the vertical tail that they used in the original Thing From Another World movie back in 1951?


Looks like its just a prop.



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Forgot the word "like". Duh!
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Yeah, you're probably right,  unless they found it in a military scrap yard for some forgotten type of aircraft.  Those scrap yards were all over the place back then.  I remember seeing a large field of nothing but canopied and turrets and another with assorted aircraft parts in southern N.J. when I was a kid and our home town had storage area not too far from a friend of my Father that we used to sneak into after dark, and a train depot in town about a mile from Picatinny Arsennel that was loaded with stacks of navy life rafts and other things in crates left there until the late 80s.

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5 hours ago, Spruemeister said:

Looks cheap.  Looks Hollywood prop shop. 


Rick L.

In reality they were not able to determine what metal it was, or whether it was metal at all.

It had properties that still today are unknown to us, like the capabilty to regenerate itself even over a scratch, almost like a hard liquid metal.

perhaps that was the resson for no panel lines.

I bet that it's still somewhere buried under Area 51.

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8 hours ago, Vince Maddux said:

For me its the YF-23, that whole plane looks like it came from the future and still does.


Me too, but I don't know if it officially counts as a vertical stabilizer. Its kinda both the vertical and horizontal in one. Judges, can we get a decision?

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