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Colors for F-15QA prior to painting?

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Yesterday I stumbled across pictures of a F-15QA test flight prior to getting painted, displaying a predominantly green and yellow color scheme.  The yellow is probably some kind of zinc-chromatey primer, but the green almost looks like FS34092 from the old European One camoflage schemes.  The radome is a medium gray, and the inlet interiors and CFTs seem to be a light gray.  The rudders are a dark gray, perhaps FS36118 Gunship Gray?



There is a jade-green panel over the left engine hump, adjacent to the flap.



Are the light and medium gray areas using Mod Eagle colors?  Any help in identifying the various colors, shades, and textures would be greatly appreciated - if I can get them scoped out, I'd like to apply them on an old Revell Strike Eagle kit that has been sitting in the closet for the last twenty years.  The asymmetric patchwork appearance reminds me of the Streak Eagle, but in green and yellow rather than metallic shades.

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added underside photo, added topside photo
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I've been watching the online reports for the camouflaged F-15QA - a beautiful disruptive pattern of dark gray over light gray, so much more interesting than FS36118 on 36118 on 36118 😕


I've yet to see any authoritative info on the Quatari colors, but my impression thus far is that the light gray may be FS36375 Light Ghost Gray (possibly lighter), while the darker color seems to be FS36176 (the darker color in the Mod Eagle scheme).  I'd be open to your hypothesis that the nose and CFTs on the "unpainted" bird are the same as the final colors, but it would be great to have more/better photos of both schemes to confirm.




Not sure if you're already aware, but for anyone not already with the F-15QA, it does feature several of the latest mods not used on USAF Strike Eagles, including:

- Dual antennae on both trailing edge fairings adjacent to the horizontal stabilizers

- GE F110 engines with "feathered" exhausts (vs unfeathered P&W F100s on USAF types)

- Angular fairings on either side of the forward fuselage, just below the rear cockpit (believe these are RWR/missile warning sensors)

- "Skinny" mass balances on top of both vertical fins

Also, I don't believe the QAs have been seen with targeting pods of any type loaded, so unclear if they will operate with Sniper, LANTIRN, or some other system.


In 1/72 I believe Hasegawa's F-15SG includes all the necessary mods. Not sure about 1/48 kits/conversions.

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I am not sure about the exact colors but I think the rudders are more of a brownish color. I did a factory roll-out what-if of the old eagles here: 



I can't remember if I mention the colors I am using but the build thread may have that info. The references I collected for that build showed quite a bit of variation between different airframes. So just wing it and it should be fine. 


If you want to be precise but cannot find enough references, I suggest also looking into F-18E/F roll out schemes. I have to think Boeing must be using the same type/color of coatings for the various sections between the F-15 and F-18. 

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Janissary, I left some questions about paint colors used on your build over on your build thread.  Sorry, I didn't read your post above about winging it thoroughly.  Thanks, the images in your build and critique threads are great and give me a lot of ideas!

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