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Done - "IRENE!!" - OP Gothic Serpent (Black Hawk Down) MH-60A Super 65

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Excellent build. Now that Werner's set has hit the streets, it is good to see it all come together. If I am understanding the backdating of the fuselage on your build, are all external stiffeners on the airframe to be removed from the HK kit? Or were there some that were installed in '93?




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Thanks.  From my understanding, none of the stiffeners were there in '93.  They were added later as the airframes aged and weak spots were discovered.

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48 minutes ago, HeavyArty said:

  Easy, easy Tim.  Even the best of us get a little creaky in the joints as we get older.  Doesn't mean we are any less awesome, just a little older. ☺️

Ha, I'm 53 and screaming along!!! (NOT)

Just having some fun with ya Gino!


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Yes, this is from reopening of embassy in Kuwait. I have some more Gulf war MH-60 pictures. Some have M134 and some have M60 in the windows. All have FLIR, HIRSS, ESSS covers, ALQ-144. Also have some pics of ODS DAP birds with short ESSS wings with 19-shot launchers, but the pics are from far away and not so good. But  they are the only ones available so far....

Also interestning are grey MH-60s from Operation Prime chance with their special external mounted winch ...

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