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Had a dream which featured a Hasegawa F-104 "double kit"

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It is not often that I have and remember dreams which are centered on model kits.

Last night I had a dream set in a hobby shop, a dream which featured a Hasegawa 1/48 scale F-104 "double kit" of 2 planes.

What units and countries it had decals for is not remembered but I do remember both planes in box art were natural metal.


Other things went on in and with the shop in the dream but that two-model kit, a thing which I don't think Hasegawa has ever done, seemed to be the main element in the dream.

The store had had it for a long time with nobody seeming to want it & the box had begun to look rather shopworn.


So I decided I would give it a home.

But pricing information couldn't be found.

Even by me who worked part time in the store.

Nor could anything about its production history be found.
By all the available records the kit didn't exist.

Yet here it was and had been for multiple years, having been handled and commented on by multiple people.


I awoke before the situation got resolved.


I have worked both part time and full time in hobby shops.


Even in school years I had dreams about hobby shops.


Sometime in my 20s had a dream in a hobby shop where some stunningly well detailed diecast was in a class counter by cash register.
What caught my attention the most in the dream was a collection of gorgeous WW2 patrol boats of various nations.

Sure wished they could have been pulled out of the dream in to the material world!

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