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1/72 Italaerei Airspeed Horsa 51 Mk 1

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I actually started this kit years ago and finally decided to put a pin in it and get it done.  A pretty basic kit - certainly lacks the precision (and locating pins!) of newer kits.  I re-did the control panel to something more realistic and thought that I had managed to squeeze enough weight into the nose and under the forward deck to get it to sit on the wheels vs the tail.  Alas when the horizontal stabilizers went on the center of gravity shifted too far to the rear.  With that I decided I would glue the glider onto the base to get it to sit right.


Painting was with Mr Color paints and decals were upgraded with the Xtradecal D-Day set - though I upsized the various roundels to make things look better - the instruction sheet on the decals would have you put very small roundels on.


Finally, I printed up my own decal for the message on the side (THE CHANNEL STOPPED YOU, BUT NOT US.  Now its our turn...).  It was printed on a white decal sheet with a black background.  Overall it worked out though the black colors do not match and I painted some in the help blend it.  For some reason the smaller letters turned a bit purplish - probably the ink running a bit.  Should have used a few more sealer coats!


















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