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Recommendations for painting a flat paint and clear coat over a bare metal finish?

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Hello everyone!

i am currently working on a B-26 that will have a bare metal underside and a flat olive drab top side with d-day stripes. I am looking for advice on how to keep the bottom side shiny and how to make the topside flat after applying decals? Would you just mask off all the natural metal and spray the painted areas with a flat coat or is there a better way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!


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Maybe I didn’t ask the question very well. I’m wondering how to do two different final Clear coats over a entire model. The bottom will be bare metal and needs a gloss coat, the topside and wings of the aircraft will be flat. Do most people spray the whole aircraft with a gloss coat, apply the decals, seal them in with another gloss coat, then mask off everything that will stay gloss and then spray another coat of clear flat coat? Or is there a better way? Thanks!

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