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My 1/32 Round 2 Galileo 7 build

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So let’s try this again... the Round 2 1/32 Galileo 7 .


I reserve the evenings for "me" Build time, so I worked on this.

The roof slides off so I can add lights...or an Interior kit from Polar Lights if they make it.

The lighted areas will be the rear engine and interior cabin.

I painted the model to match the color suggestions on the box and reference material.

The paint was Model Master, I mixed them.

Even though the hatch is closed in the photo, the lower area swings down and the top is removable. It's tacked in place right now until the decals fully cure.


The viewport "glasss" In not in place yet. I may display the model with the windows closed.








I couldn’t sleep last night so I made my own light kit.

The rear engine lights. The switch is hidden inside the model.

I made the model with the viewports closed for now as that’s how it was mostly seen in the episode Galileo 7. I felt it looked odd with nothing to see inside, Your Milage may vary.

It can easily be removed to install the glass at a later date.

My Nacelles will NOT light up...why? Because they didn't in the series. I am well aware they were wired but I am a purist. I told you I was a boring builder!


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Awesome job. Your paint finish is superb. Just the right sheen.


This is another one of those kits I've been waiting for for a long time. I wish they'd done an interior but I do understand the issue of trying to build accurate to a TV set vs a model that doesn't jive together. I've fortunately seen the restored Galileo at Houston Space Center a few times and I'll have to dig around but should have a lot of great pics of it for reference. May just have to be one of my next builds.

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Looks good.


If I had enough spare change and the factory to do so, I'd manufacture a kit having the exterior set to a scale & the interior set to the same scale, with the kit labeled "Perfect Constant Scale Dual Kit (since you'd complain about anything we did, you figure out how to make it work)" 😄

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8 hours ago, Vidar_710 said:

As soon as Randy Cooper gets his kit, he'll be starting an interior kit for it.


Think I'll wait to start mine. 😉



Polar Lights has an Interior kit...with Figures ready! IF the sales warrant it. I left my roof removable to add said interior at a later date.

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On 8/19/2020 at 4:39 PM, Captain Han Solo said:

It did on the miniature!

Now that you mention it, I believe you are correct. Sorry about that.  I'm thinking the shooting miniature was perhaps  1/18 or so. Ive seen a pic of Nimoys

Son holding it standing next to the Enterprise filming model. If I come across it I'll post it. 

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Many thanks to  in getting the color correct!!
Although it wasn’t exactly easy, the upper and lower hull colors HAD to be mixed then lightened a little for correct scale.
If you want it like the 22’ prop, you can’t get the colors from a rattle can.
The weather has been downcast and rainy, so I took some quick pictures with the sunlight.
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I haven’t figured out the gear on the shuttle.  Is the rear gear strut not retractable?  The kit has the option for the pads under the front of the engine nacelles to be extended or retracted, but there is no option for the rear gear.  How was it shown in the series when the shuttle was in flight?  If the rear gear was always extended, why bother having the front pads being retractable?

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6 hours ago, Vidar_710 said:

Randy Cooper just announced the release of his interior kit. $70 plus $14 for shipping and handling. The guy is lightning fast. Mine's already paid for. 😉



I am not in a hurry for an interior kit...I have Randy's Larger Galileo with full interior(I think it's posted here somewhere!). He does amazing work, but I will wait for the Round 2 version, from some illustrations I have seen and Talking to Gary Kerr, it's worth the wait!

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