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ICM 1/72 MiG-25RBT Foxbat Red 16

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I actually finished something! :woot.gif: Well, I finished this earlier this year. Also took some photos, but somehow never managed to upload them.

This is Foxbat Red 16 “Anatoliy Popov” of the 47th GvORAP in May 2011. AFAIK, the Foxbats were used for reconnaissance flights over Chechnya. For those flights, some of the markings would’ve been oversprayed. The red stars on the side signify missions flown.



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-01 by Motschke, on Flickr



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-02 by Motschke, on Flickr


Kit is the recent ICM kit. Fit was very good. The break-down is pretty complicated, but ICM engineered it rather well, with several bulkheads giving strength and precision. Didn’t have to use a lot of putty.


ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-03 by Motschke, on Flickr



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-04 by Motschke, on Flickr



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-05 by Motschke, on Flickr



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-06 by Motschke, on Flickr


One thing I didn’t like were the convex lenses for the cameras. On the actual Foxbat, these are flat panes of glass. I think a better approach would’ve been to render the whole camera palette as a single clear piece and provide a few camera parts to put inside the nose. Nothing too detailed, but just enough to give the illusion of there being cameras behind the glass.

Only aftermarket was a pitot set by Master. I guess the ejection seat handle from an Eduard Fishbed doesn’t really count as aftermarket.



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-08 by Motschke, on Flickr



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-09 by Motschke, on Flickr



ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-10 by Motschke, on Flickr

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Paints are mostly AKAN acrylics, some Tamiya blacks for the anti-glare panel and various AK Extreme Metal colours for the engine area.

I primed the Foxbat in UMP’s black Ultimate Primer and applied some mottling with white Tamiya paint using the ArtoolFX stencils. Applying the grey AKAN paint over that resulted in a slightly distressed finish that looked used, but not abused.




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-11 by Motschke, on Flickr




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-12 by Motschke, on Flickr




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-13 by Motschke, on Flickr



The pilot used to drive a Zvezda MiG-21bis Fishbed.




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-14 by Motschke, on Flickr




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-15 by Motschke, on Flickr



50250264761_b56a040101_o.jpg[/url] ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-16 by Motschke, on Flickr


The in-flight display necessitated some re-working of the lower intake lips. These are dropped for the correct look when on the ground, but had to be adjusted for a flying Foxbat.




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-17 by Motschke, on Flickr




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-18 by Motschke, on Flickr



Decals are by ICM. A real joy to work with. Reacted well to Micro Set and Sol.

Watch out when using ICM’s decal guide. The Soviet and Russian options both use the side-view of the Russian version.




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-19 by Motschke, on Flickr


Weathering is just some panel line washes in various greys and some Oilbrushers used to recreate some streaking grime.

The Germetik glass sealant was recreated with thin strips of painted clear decal film.


Cockpit as it comes from the box. Used some cut-up Eduard Fishbed decals for the instrument bezels.




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-21 by Motschke, on Flickr




ICM-72-MiG-25-RBT-Foxbat-by-ChernayaAkula-20 by Motschke, on Flickr



I’m really happy with how this turned out. Looking forward to further ICM Foxbat kits. The Wild Weasel MiG-25BM is already in the stash.

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1 hour ago, mario krijan said:



What a great work!! Excellent!! Weathering is just spot on!!!

+1 mate!

Think the weathering look quite natural and realistic!

The pit look fantastic,very detailed for a OOB build indeed.



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3 hours ago, kurnass77 said:

+1 mate!

Think the weathering look quite natural and realistic!

The pit look fantastic,very detailed for a OOB build indeed.



I think that is same level of details like is in 1/48 kit! So yes, very nice build and kit!! I am waiting for RBSh version 🙂

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Awesome build, nice to see it in flight fully displaying its air thirsty intakes like that. Completely agree with everyone else, weathering is spot on.👍 I too have the MiG-25BM in 1/72 in the stash, looking forward to building it now i hear the fit is quite good.

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Thanks, Berkut! :thumbsup:


The intake lips were one of the tricky bits on this build, but that was totally my fault. I knew I would have to modify the lips for a in-flight build when I planned the build, but then forgot to actually cut them before assembling them. I only thought of them again when the Foxbat had been painted completely. :doh: Required some careful (and unnecessarily complicated) cutting with a razor saw and a lick of putty and paint, but it wasn't too bad. Would've been a matter of seconds had I remembered to cut them when taking them off the sprues, though. D'oh!

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Thanks, guys. Glad y'all like her. :clap2:


rom, it's funny that I only noticed it now looking at the in-progress thread of your 1/48 Iraqi MiG, but I consulted your article in Aces High magazine "Gulf War" for inspiration numerous times when building my recon Foxbat. :thumbsup2: It was really helpful, especially regarding the weathering.

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Thanks, guys! :worship: Much appreciated. Must admit that it looks like I didn't check the Display Case in November and thus missed your comments. Sorry 'bout that. That means I also missed Aigore's Viggen, which is one helluvan oversight! :doh:


Aigore: It is the first time for sure. I think the only thing I showed on here was an F-16 and that was only half-finished by the end of the GB. :doh: Built it for the Viper GB - back in 2008. :woot.gif:

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