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Hi guys,


just a quick notice that two update sets for the Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury kit are now available from Hypersonic Models and in a short while also from my partner retailers. While there is frustratingly still no air mail from Japan to the US (and surface mail and courier options prohibitively expensive) there is some good news though: Victory Models will carry my line, probably in stock from late September/early October.

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As for the Fury sets:

1: Cockpit update (incl. new rear bulkhead, turtledeck, ejection seat, loop antenna and canopy deck)


2: Nose gear Upgrade set. This consists of a lower yoke cast in brass and a detailed upper strut in resin, but with a nickel silver rod cast inside that provides the correct stance (i.e. longer than in the kit), strength and eliminates the need to paint the oleo part. The axle is provided by means of a brass tube.


An airframe set containing a new nose profile, full intake and exhaust (with correct J47 features) and a catapult hook well is in the works as well.



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The sets are gorgeous and in conjunction with the CAT4 wheels and the Caracal decals, will make for a nice model. The one thing that gets me, which no one seems to have mentioned, is in step 7 of the assembly instructions. There are two parts C24 and C25 which the instructions would have you glue to the canopy sill. These should in fact be glued inside the lower front of the canopy, especially if you are modelling the kit with the canopy open. I've done a quick edit on the instructions to show what I mean.


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