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with the new Zoukei Mura F-4E around the corner, there are a couple of pylon sets newly released at Hypersonic Models, available also from selected partner shops.


First up is a set of outboard pylons, Air Force type with the correct outboard cant and separate sway brace pins so you can mount stores correctly in all desired orientations. The ZM F-4C and D kits don't contain any outboard pylons so this is a must-have if you don't want to hang the wing tank but mount a MER or TER etc. instead.


Next is a centreline pylon, designed to fit the ZM kits specifically. There are separate stabiliser bolts and sway brace pins for maximum detail and flexibility to mount stores.





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No good Jeffrey. Doesn't have separate hex locking nuts for the sway braces :whistle:



Seriously though, you've just added another "must have" for my list of stuff for the Phantoms in my stash. You might as well make some inboard pylons too, so they all match as far as detail.

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