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WIP Feedback requested on first ever armor - Merkava...

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Hello people.


I'm an airfoil guy - that means that if it has wings, I'll build it - that includes Formula 1. However, on the LHS they threw a Dare challenge to all of us that build Cars to build a tank and those who build tanks to build a car... and just because I once heard the name Merkava and it stuck, and I knew it was like a sports tank (turret in the rear) I thought how hard could it be??

So I started this build on a dare. Again, I HAVE NEVER built a tank before. and I RARELY build models that require substantial weathering, so this particular build has me a bit tense.

A good friend in the club said "you should try Voyager Photo Etch sets"... and I did. And I nearly repented. But at the same time, I realized this raised my skills substantially - so much in fact that all of the details I'm pouring into my other build - the Hawker - I don't feel are as frustrating as this build was. This friend of mine also recommended several weathering techinques for tanks. I am enjoying the results but being this much out of my comfort zone... I don't know if I'm building another one anytime soon...

Anyways, I just did some fading on the kit. Paints were mixed Tamiya paints, Panel wash was done with Tamiya Dark brown wash, zenith lighting base coat... MiG anti Slip paste. Right now I'm at the point where I got to fading. 

I am relatively happy with the results, but this is my first time so I'd love to hear some feedback from y'all... Tips or suggestions are much appreciated and needed.









Thank y'all!!

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21 hours ago, dylan said:

it looks really good Mario. you have more patience for P.E. than me

Thanks :) I was used to PE but this was like 3 miles down the road. And I appreciate it cuz I feel I'm on a higher level. 

Weathering on the other part... heheh

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