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On 8/30/2020 at 9:36 AM, jeffryfontaine said:

One of the first images displayed in the Google search results for the AN/APS-4 Radar introduced me to "cross species erotica" showing a very nude woman shoving an octopus in to her nether regions.  Certainlyan eye-opening moment and I do hope the poor octopus survived the encounter.

Octo-mom ???  :popcorn:

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5 hours ago, Just call me Ray said:



So here's the thing you really, really need to be aware of. Umm, actually, several things:


 - first your wife might want to consider starting that sewing channel after all. You'd be surprised how much attention sewing channels get but more importantly having multiple channels certainly doesn't hurt and in fact they synergisticly support each other, provided it doesn't lead to burnout. If there's two things to take away from what I'm trying to say here, this is #1.


 - Second, Google literally owns YouTube, as in they are the parent company, so many of the same issues you encountered with Google Ads might just come up again.


 - This is why many channels, especially car repair channels, have Patreons and direct sponsorships. I highly recommend you and your wife watch the following: Hoovie's Garage, Doug DeMuro, Scotty Kilmer, ChrisFix, and Donut Media. They're the biggest automotive channels out there and they're less supported by YouTube's own ad system as they are supported by third party sponsorship. This is where the guy running the channel pretty much just blankly stares at the camera and starts unironically hocking some product, be it MVM Watches, Raycon Earbuds, Manscaped manscaping kits, Dollar Shave Club subscription services, Vite Ramen subscription services, Raid: Shadow Legends mobile game etc (yes these are all very real products that all of these guys have had on their channels). Most of their money comes from reaching out to sponsors or answering sponsors' direct solicitations, but yes many of these are just scams or otherwise unsavory, unfortunately I have no advice there but there are (ironically, I guess?) videos on YouTube that talk about this issue.


^ That would be Takeaway Item #2, BTW


 - and this is probably going to take a very, very long while. I mean look I really love ARC despite me not frequently posting here or really being in the hobby anymore, I've been a registered member since...I dunno, literally last millennium? So I'm genuinely not really fond of saying this, but the objective truth is that I don't think this place has the traffic that will make any channel appreciably grow. Some word-of-mouth spreading helps but most of it is just going to have to play by the rules of the YouTube algorithm, which is a great mystery and just leads back to my second point about how this more or less ends up looping back to the the whole Google problem that started this.


But it is a solid concept, I feel. That is legitimately extremely important.😈



Thanks for the advice....I think you are quite right on all accounts.  I also think sponsors don't take to any youtuber until they reach a certain traffic level.

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On 9/1/2020 at 10:07 PM, SBARC said:


Thanks for the advice....I think you are quite right on all accounts.  I also think sponsors don't take to any youtuber until they reach a certain traffic level.


Generally true but it also does put you in a bind. You can do everything right to grow traffic and it can still take years. Many of the YouTubers I talk to, they tell me it took them a literal decade before they started seeing real ad income. Some people "cheat the system" (or at least try to hurry things up) by being a sponsor themselves to advertise their channel first, but I'm guessing funds are a bit tight to be able to do that and/or that's a bit counter-productive. Plus the channels that mostly do that, even when they appear to be done by individuals, usually have big bucks behind them backing them from the get-go.


The biggest asset your wife's channel has going for it right now, I feel, is the concept itself. It's a very strong one and I feel pretty dang well executed. That's about all the basics you can cover, and your wife and you really should feel proud of what she's been able to do regardless what the end result becomes. An added bonus, it's a very practical channel too. It may not have all the flashiness or raw popularity of all these "look-at-me" reality vlogging channels but very practical channels like your wife's have much better long-term staying power. Plus most of the successful reality vlogging channels are exactly what I was talking about with having big bucks backing them from the start (often an inheritance or parental "sugar money", look at Olivia Jade and Lori Loughlin, yes the same ones in the college cheating scandal), so they can just spend their way to success (and more money).


Maybe one thing your wife and you can do is to ask to trade sponsorship for sponsorship. If someone would like to be a sponsor of your channel in exchange for letting your wife's channel be a sponsor of theirs, or at least if they can spread awareness somehow. I know a few channels do this - like EckhartsLadder (a fellow Canuck!), he does a lot of sci-fi content but he'll have his own channel be sponsored by other channels, usually by smaller channels for little cost or even free in exchange for either cross-sponsorship or content that he can use on his own channel (although lately he's been using the opportunity to "sponsor" other channels he's made 😛). You might even want to reach out to other modeling communities to see if they'd be willing to work out some deal.



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