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CD48191 - 1/48 USAF A-10C

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I have not released a new A-10C sheet since the ANG A-10C sheets sold out - there are a few new, interesting markings out there and it's time for a new USAF A-10C sheet.


I just finished the design - it is coming in November, with 4-5 options.  Here are a couple of the aircraft on this sheet:




This is not the Cold War era Euro 1 A-10 sheet - that one is CD48192.  This one will have modern markings and stencilling, while the A-10A sheet has period-accurate stencilling for 1980s-early 1990s and a ton of Euro 1 options.



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On 8/28/2020 at 4:25 PM, KursadA said:

I will see what I can do. Is this the only one that had "Fairbanks" on the nacelle?



Unknown.  This happened after I left in May of '86.   They all carried the basic markings like in my two ref photos without the Fairbanks deal on the nacelle.  I think the Spirit of Fairbanks was unique to 993.

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20 hours ago, dmk0210 said:


What is the topside camo color on that top one?  Is that supposed to represent a 355th FG P-51?


Hasegawa recently re-released their 1/72 kit in these markings, here is the box art photo



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4 hours ago, Shorty84 said:

Hi Kursad, would you consider to add an option for an 357th FS A-10C? I really like the yellow markings on the gray jet and want to build one badly but no decal manufacturer has ever done these markings :crying2:



I already finished the design of this sheet, but I am sure it will not be the last A-10C sheet I will be making - I will make sure the 357th FS example finds its way into a future item.

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26 minutes ago, delayar said:

Was the Flying Tigers jet in this markings a pure demo jet, or did it fly with at least a training ordnance?


And will this sheet be available at the48ers?





I don't know - the aircraft definitely flew with these markings for at least some time; and I don't think it was a demo jet in any official capacity.

As for 48ers, you would have to ask them - they don't have an order for this sheet.

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