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1/48 Revell (ICM) C-45

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This is one of the next models I have started to build. It is the Revell C-45 (ICM moulds) that I will be building as a 1950's RCAF bird using the Belcher Bits extended leading edge parts. 


work will be a little slow on this for a while as I focus on a side commission project that I have a timeline for.


















The leading edge part was glue on, and then promptly fell off. I will have to re-install it once I have the wings assembled. I still need to do a bit of cleanup and sanding to get it to fit perfectly.


 Thanks for looking,


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I started this same kit a few weeks back with the Eduard interior p.e. set to go along with it.  I have the instrument panel in work along with the engine mounts and bulkheads too.  Seems to be a decent kit so far with good fit.  ICM has definitely gotten better over the years.  Will be following this build and looks great so far!!!

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4 minutes ago, phantom said:

Be careful joining the wings to fuselage. I knocked the seats and stuff out many many times.


Between that and the leading edge extensions, the wing-fuselage joint is my biggest worry. I am also planning an Alclad finish so I need to get it perfect.



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slowly poking away at this....I have been focused on my large scale Twin Otter project for the last few months..





But I have a little progress to show you. (sorry for the pciture links...I need to update my site to HTTPS befor I can direct link any pictures.)










Since these were taken, I have now managed to get the wheel bay structure, gear and gear doors installed. I am building it gear up but still wanted to add all the internals. Stay tuned for those pictures and more in the next update!







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Some more progress. This is coming along nicely.  I am happy with the nacelle extensions and the leading edge extensions. There are some small parts that need cleaning up before paint but all is good. not pictures is the fuselage glued together and the putty started on that. 


I am still worried about the fuselage/wing joint, but I will fight that battle when I get there.


















Thanks for looking,



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