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1/32 FS - 2 WNW Kits and Tamiya P-51D Package

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Howdy everyone - I've been sitting on these for ages and just need to purge the 1/32 from my stash. Price doesn't include shipping from 98229.  Paypal preferred, but I"m flexible.


1/32 WNW 32603 Fokker E.II "Max Immelmann" - Box open, all parts bagged $100 USD SOLD


1/32 WNW 32608 Sopwith Snipe "William Barker" - Still in shrink wrap - $100 USD


1/32 Tamiya P-51D package $150 USD SOLD

(This is what I paid for it on ARC 3 years ago, so it's a screaming deal.  Don't thank me, thank CF104)

  • Tamiya P-51D kit 60322, box open, all parts bagged
  • Eduard Mask JX136
  • Grey Matters resin spinner  GMAJR3205
  • Grey Matters resin tires      GMAJR3203
  • Grey Matters resin tail wheel bay    GMAJR3206
  • BarracudaCast late resin seat  BR32164
  • BarracudaCast cockpit sidewalls  BR32012
  • BarracudaCast instrument panel   BR32013
  • BarracudaCast cockpit upgrade    BR32014
  • BarracudaCast paper drop tanks BR32016
  • BarracudaCast diamond treat tires BR32029
  • HGW seatbelts - wood floor  - resin dinghy   132071
  • BarracudaCals cockpit stencils and placards  BC32010
  • Fundekals P-51D stencil data    
  • EagleCals  Decals           EC#142  (long out of production in 1/32)



Thanks for looking!

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