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Tamiya Sanding Sponge Any Reviews

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I bought a pack after seeing them on YouTube as well.  I got the 400-1500 n added the 2000 n 3000.  They are great...you can cut them to size, they get into creases n conform to curves nicely and leave minimal sanding scratches.  They are typical Tamiya quality and have added to the ease n quality of my builds.  


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I use them for getting down air intakes and such like. Very good, every bit as good as Flory sanders but on a sponge so that follow the form you are sanding.


They last quite a while in my experience. not ever lasting but long enough for the money.


Tamiya sponge and Flory sanders are the only ones you'll need.

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4 hours ago, Dave Roof said:

Get the Infini sanding sponges when they're back in stock (or from another source). They're a lot better than Tamiya's and a lot less expensive. I literally threw my Tamiya one's away after using the Infini sponges. 



Are they sheets or sticks? I see other sellers advertise them, but as a set of sanding sticks.

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