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paint booth / airbrush advice needed

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Hey good people!


I've decided to treat myself to my first paint booth for my 49th birthday!


Are there any recommendations for a great setup?


I have an old Aztec and some compressors to work with....


let me have it thanks!



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My friend and I both have one of these, and we like it.


Of course, get more than one opinion, as it is kind of a major purchase. Also, the booth you get will depend on the size of the models you intend to paint.

Also, you don't necessarily have to buy it from that company, search online for the best deal.





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thanks!  I pull the trigger on your setup


I don't see myself building bigger than the 1/24 Rambo Chopper....all though the 1/35 trumpeter Hind and Chinook are pretty big.


and the Mil-Mi's too


1/32 1/35 1/48 1/72 will be my main focus.

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One thing to note about that paint booth: Instead of ordering replacement filters from the company, you can go to Lowes or Home Depot (Or somewhere else) and buy large sheets of A/C filter material, and cut it down to size.


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just ordered the 4501 Iwata last night.  Got the paint booth shipped in a couple days ago.


now for some paint questions!~





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