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Another ADC Grey F-4C/D Sheet in 1/72 Maybe..?

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31 minutes ago, Draggie748 said:

I've just had a scroll through all my reference material and no, there wasn't

Yeah, I didn't think so... it was carried on F-4s in the SEA, Europe 1, and Hill schemes... but not on the ADC Grey birds...

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The 113th TFS F-4C was the only ADC painted jet we ever flew,it was a temporary assignment with us(if a year can be temporary),we held it as " flyable storage" aircraft until the NY ANG converted to the F-4C from the F-101B/F. It's crew chief was also the one that crewed our only Hill Gray painted F-4C a few years later. I remember how odd 568 stood out amongst the SEA/SEA wraparound F-4C's on our flightline,circa 1981-82.


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Hello Kursada,


I hope you are well.


With CD72023 out of stock and a strong availability of F-4C/D in 1/72 from Fine molds and Hasegawa / Hobby 2000, is there a short term plan for Air National Guard F-4C/D Phantom part 2 or a reprint of CD72023.


Thanks in advance for your answer 🙂

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