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Experiment with primers

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Hello modelers,

I made a peeling off & sanding experiment with 4 primers: 

- Vallejo surface primer 
- AMMO mig `ONE SHOT` primer (Badger Stynylrez) 
- ALCLAD 2 primer & microfiller 

Hope you will find it useful.




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Thanks so much for this demonstration/test.  Frankly, the only one that I was a bit surprised about was the Vallejo.  I expected the other 3 to perform outstandingly to your 2 tests (masking and sanding).  While I have multiple colors of the Vallejo primer, and while I personally have not had any issues with it, others have complained of poor performance in both masking and sanding (pulling off primer, and a failure to feather nicely when sanding).  I was surprised and pleased to see your experiment showed the Vallejo just as successful as the other 3.  Maybe its got to do with your prep (good, thorough wash to clean off any contaminants, and one more cleaning with alcohol).  I've learned something...if I ever do go back to using Vallejo Primer (I have all 3 of the other primers, so unlikely I'll revert to Vallejo), I will certainly prepare the plastic with a wash and alcohol rubdown first.  Thanks again!


Oh...one more thing...thanks for the thinner recommendation (brand and volume) for the Mr. Surfacer.  I have yet to actually use it as a primer, but I have the Black 1500, and had wondered about the best thinner to use.  I've got a lot of the Mr. Leveling Thinner, to use primarily with my Mr. Color lacquer paints, but that thinner seems to be as close to a universal thinner as I have ever seen, based on my own experience and other tests on various videos. 

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Nice vid!  I really like how you get straight to the point.  I also like the fact that you use text instead of voice...I like being able to pause it and read it.  Too many guys post vids where they talk too much and take too long to get to the point.

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