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Recommendations of a double action airbrush

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1 hour ago, Historybuff said:

Agree that Iwata wouldn’t have been too happy. It would have been a steal @ytsejam87


I know the discount was applicable ibetween 2013-2016. Thathow I got mine for40% off. Though I thought the sticker price was higher, near 180:

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12 hours ago, Bounce said:

is this the actual model # ECL-4501?

The model I originally was looking at was ECL-4500. I think the ECL-4501 is the ECL-4500 with extra accessories included. Although I may be wrong. I’m still trying to figure that part out myself. 

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12 hours ago, ElectroSoldier said:

Attach your hose to your compressor one end and put an adapter nut on the other to convert it to the same size as the Iwata (as the HP-CS will be your default airbrush that is used most often) then put a quick release socket on the end of the air line.
Then you need to get an adapter for your Paasche that converts the airbrush to the same size connector as the Iwata, its not a big thing, its just a nut really. and put a quick release connector on it.

Then put a quick release on your HP-CS.

That way with 2 adapter nuts and 2 QR connectors you have made all the ends the same and you can swap them about as often as you like without putting any stress on the air line.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure to do that. That would make things a lot easier and less problematic than having to worry about stressing out the air line. 

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Look around for a bit... have a little patience, and you can save yourself like $40 on the HP-CS.    I got mine for $120 shipped, with an extra needle and a 6' hose.  I think I got it from an Amazon or eBay store. 


I've had mine for about two years now and it does everything I need it to do. From fine lines to broad application of primer and clear.  I'll say that I do see why a larger needle would be better for broad coverage.  As is, the HP-CS works well enough for this specific task, and I think the trade-off favoring fine detail work over broad coverage makes far more sense than a brush that is great at broad coverage but not good at fine detail.... or at least for building airplanes, anyway.  I could see why the opposite may be true if you're into building cars and trucks. 


Also, I know this is going into the red when it comes to budget, but, get yourself this thing. 

 "Iwata external MAC valve" 




It attaches between the hose and brush and gives you much finer control over air pressure.   Very useful when dialing in the perfect thin line, great for compensating for your compressors broad-ish pressure sensor, and also a good way to quickly have the ability to  triple airflow for the purpose of blowing away dust and whatnot.   I decided that I didn't need one of these when I purchased the brush, and man, let me tell you, that was a stupid decision!   Best $20 I've spent on this hobby all year.  Do yourself a favor and get one!  


Since installing this, I bump my compressor pressure setting to like 15-20psi, and then do the final adjustment with the MAC valve.  Performance is much more consistent this way when compared to setting my compressor at 10-12psi (especially in those few minutes right before it clicks on to re-fill the tank). 




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If you haven't made up your side yet, you MUST take a look at the Gunze/GSI/Creos/Mr. Airbrush/Procon Boy (any one of those names) Platinum Series PS-270 or PS-289.  'lesthegringo' 2 posts above suggested the Gunze PS-770, which IS a spectacular airbrush, but well above your price range, at $225.00.  I have all 3 of these airbrushes, and the 770 is amazing, particularly at the price, BUT, the ones you want, at your price point, are the 270 or 289, $115/$120 at Spraygunners.  These brushes have 0.2mm and 0.3mm needles, respectively, but can be converted one to the other with a $50 conversion set.  You need to look at these.  They are made in Japan, just as the Iwata brushes are (not made in China), and the quality, in my opinion, matches Iwata, and may actually be constructed by the same outfit, don't know for sure.  In addition to the price for a fabulous dual action airbrush, you also get a built in MAC (Micro Air Control) valve.  Not a big deal, as you can get an external MAC valve that you could then use on any/all your airbrushes, but it is part of these airbrushes at the price.  I have found these airbrushes to be really, really nice tools.  


I don't have any interest in either Gunze or Spraygunner, I just have been super impressed with both companies.  I think you should take a look at the Spraygunner videos on Youtube, where they do comparisons between many airbrushes, they assemble and disassemble them, and basically give you a good feel for what these airbrushes are all about.  If you want to consider increasing your price to $150 or just above, that opens up a whole lot of additional options for you...please let us know if that's the case, as I can give you more thoughts with that in mind.  Hope this helps, rather than confuses.

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