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Black Semi-circle Marking on bottom of B-1B

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Does anyone know what the black semi-circle marking is on the bottom of the B-1B in front of landing gear/between engine intakes?   I've tried to do a search of the interweb and ARC and come up with nothing.   And do all Bones have this marking?   

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I got an answer for you Don. This is a quote from ex-Bone avionics guy.


“We think the antenna is part of the block 16   upgrades that replace the APQ 164 forward looking radar with SABR-GS which is just a much more capable synthetic aperture radar and integrates with the mapping and sensor operation. Just makes it more capable as far as situational awareness in the cockpit.”


He also mentioned the black is a RAM coating associated with the SABR-GS.

All this is mentioned in the following article.


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SABR is in the nose behind the radome. The “black semi-circle” predates SABR by decades....




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