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Apache Documentary

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Whilst wandering around Netflix, I stumbled upon a nice documentary about the Apache deep strike mission that the US Army's 6-6 Cav performed in the early days of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.   For those who aren't familiar with it, this mission went horribly off track and the strike force was heavily shot up.   They ended up aborting the mission.  The documentary is called Apache Warrior and features the cockpit tapes from three of the Apaches on this mission.


What's truly remarkable is to hear how calm these pilots were while taking hits from very heavy AAA fire.  Also what is remarkable is seeing the damage these helos took and still managed to return back to base.  Some of the video shots are "canned" segments but the FLIR / cockpit audio tapes and interviews with the pilots make this a very worthwhile documentary for those interested in the subject.



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42 minutes ago, juanchopancho said:

Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting documentary definitely worth watching.


if only there was a decent 1/35 scale AH-64D/E...


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