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OA-4M in 1:48th

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Well it's finally finished. Took me a while because I purchased a 3D printer at the start of the build, so kept designing and printing parts to improve the base kit.
The base kit is the Hasegawa TA-4J Skyhawk in 1:48. It was converted to the OA-4M model by the use of Phase Hangar's conversion set. I also used their ejection seats. It was topped off with painted markings and some decals from the Furball decal sheet, Lo Viz Devil Dog Scooters (sheet 48-010). The sheet is currently out of production. But Furball Aero Design announced yesterday that they are rereleasing it in the near future.
This model depicts the aircraft at the end of its service with the H&M -32 Bandit squadron. Many photos of this aircraft exist mostly of when it had fresh paintwork, but I found a single picture when it was coming to the end of its career and looking rather worse for wear. This was just to good an opportunity to pass up. A great paint scheme and lots of weathering.
The external tanks were designed and printed by me.
It's a great base kit and a great conversion set from Mike Reeves at Phase Hangar. Go look up his stuff, you won't be disappointed.








All the best Nige.

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Thanks everybody, glad you liked it.


Mr. Happy the greys are the new Tamiya lacquers and the green AK Real Color.



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I love this.  I think I’ve commented everywhere you’ve posted on Facebook about how awesome this build is, but one more time - “this is awesome”


And to the extent this motivated Furball to reprint their A-4M sheet, thank you!




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