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Arii 1/72 Beechcraft Bonanza - Supporting cast for the Hawker Build.

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Hi Fellas...

I swear I didn't plan this. My other build - the Hawker - was always intended to have a display base because of all the project's electronics. I was fiddling around with the Hawker on how to arrange it on possible base dimensions and then it hit me. I realized I have a Resin King Air 200 which I just recently bought (and I'm dying to build) and this Arii Bonanza that I brought at Modelfiesta about 15 years ago... so like one thing lead to another and suddenly, this obscure, forgotten kit I had lying around in the stash was thrown to the forefront of the most ambitious modeling project I've built so far.


I've flown Barons before, but not Bonanzas. Therefore, there is no real reason for the selection of the aircraft colors except for "Hey I like this one" - and doing some Photoshop experiments to determine which colors would take a supporting role on the Hawker's diorama. 

I started with glueing the seats to the floor and painting the interiors like the Baron I used to fly, a Bone white-ish color made by mixing XF-1 and a slight pinch of XF-52. It was during this period I realized the seats were too high, I'm guessing they weren't designed for this kit. I trimmed the headrest off.

Wing anti-slip surfaces were done with Mig's anti Slip paste for 1/72 builds



Since this build started as a support role, I originally planned to leave it Out of the Box. Yeah, Right. Like I've been able to do THAT for a couple dozen years.



Aaaaand of Course I could not resist myself and did some extra-detailing on the interiors. Basically I only added Seatbelts from Leftover PEs.


Here were the first attempts on the display base. In the end I decided for a larger base size. Will eventually post pictures of that as well.



Glued the halves without any problems. Nice fit on this kit.

Then I proceeded to do my Heavy-duty counterweight procedure - Lead Shavings. I used this on my TU-95. I originally tried to obtain lead Buckshot but it's kinda hard - and Illegal where I'm currently at - to own munitions, so I wen with the shavings.



The bag contain about 200 grams of lead shavings. I'd say I'm covered for the forseeable future.



My intention to build as close to Out of the Box lasted exactly one week. I decided to cut the ... control surfaces on the Verizontal Stabilizors?? Whatever. All done according to reference.


Some more dry fitting. The prop is ok, but I have this friend that is the devil and he has a 3D printer... so I asked about printing a 3 bladed propeller for me...



So, one thing leads to another. This seems to be a recurring theme here. Anyway, It was at this stage after several days looking through Airliners.net for Bonanzas that I chose a scheme I liked. After some dry fitting I decided to tint the windows according to reference. However, I would not do the same tail number as, again, this build is purely supporting cast for the Display base. Also, the prop.

Funny side story  on the prop - originally he 3d sculpted this prop for a project of his, a BF-109F in 1/32. He simply shrank the prop to 1/72 and gave me a couple to play with. The problem was that the German's prop spinned counter-clockwise, so I had to cut and reposition the blades backwards to satisfy my Inner OCD.



Before I glued the windows to the model, I added the Instrument Panel hood (that somehow improves the looks of this model vs the OOB version). Notice the Window tint much clearer now.



So, the prop was painted with Alclad Chrome on the spinner, XF-19 on the prop's front side and XF-1 on the back side.


Right after this the Decals arrived. I made this massive decal sheet for all 3, Hawker, King Air and Bonanza. Once I got those I immediately started applying on the Verizontal Stabilizors


Ocha Decals RULE.



This weekend's work is as follows: The decals were gloss coated and the masks removed.


Today I gloss coated in the morning and applied the wash earlier. Again, Dark gray for moving surfaces and doors and access panels, and light gray on everything else. I still need to touch up a couple of things - exhaust pipes and stains, cowl flaps, boomerang antennae and belly antennas. And of course, the prop.



Thanks for watching!!


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