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I don't know how many of you end up with toys around the house, whether as part of collections for other hobbies or just for the sake of the kids. But I swear toys are about the only things that use C and D cell batteries as pretty much everything else has gone with integrated rechargable packs.


I just found a large store of C cells in my basement, got them for a couple of battery operated dome lights that I think we ended up getting rid of. Put some batteries into some Nerf guns I have because wth am I gonna do with them otherwise?🤪

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I remember when a number of Tamiya 1/35 tank models had motors powered by either a pair of C batteries or AA depending on tank size.

Was great for authentic instant weathering, just go run them through a mudpuddle!

My M36 and brother's M10 actually trapped enough air under their upper hulls to float and swim with track propulsion!

Yeah, the motors got a little damp but nothing a hair dryer couldn't cure during post-mission maintenance.

Eventually we took sheet and tube styrene and managed to make lower hulls somewhat more water resistance.

At some point a I got a second M36 and put Italeri's articulated M4 bogies on it, could watch that thing run all day.

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