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I have a Hasegawa 1/48 F-16A kit (V001) that is missing part A1, the exhaust nozzle. 

I have part D34, the Afterburner ring.

I am hoping someone used an aftermarket exhaust for their Hasegawa F-16A kit and can send me the unused kit part.

I am in Florida, and can pay for the part + shipping with either a money order or well-concealed cash, or trade for the exhaust with something from my list below.

PM me or email me at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net to discuss.




Eduard 1/48 F-15I Raam Canopy Mask set (Academy)(EX312)(Sealed) (***)
Eduard 1/48 MiG-23M Canopy mask set (Trumpeter)(EX375) (***)
Eduard 1/32 Bf109E-7 Canopy mask set (Trumpeter)(JX146)(Sealed) (***)
Montex 1/48 Su-15 Mini Mask set (Trumpeter)(SM 48095) (***)
Montex 1/48 Fairey Firefly Mini Mask set (AZ Models)(SM 48284) (***)
Montex 1/48 Fokker DDXXI Mini Mask set (Special Hobby)(SM 48291) (***)
Squadron 1/48 Supermarine Seafire Mk.47 vac canopies (Airfix)(9574) (***)
True Details 1/48 Dornier D0335 Wheel set (48108)(Sealed) (***)
True Details 1/32 F-4C~G Phantom II Wheel set (32003)(Sealed)


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