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Italeri DAF 95 and 105 XF chassis

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Making another one of the Italeri DAF kits with the dreaded one piece chassis.
This time around its a Revell rebox of the XF 95 Space cab. Revell 07496.


Has anybody ever pulled on of these apart to paint it?
When I started the build I was going to roll with a black semi gloss chassis and a nice Italian red body but having looked at some ref photos I took recently of the one I intend modelling I noticed it was infact a really dark metallic grey chassis with black detailing (air tanks etc) and a mix of chrome and aluminium for the metal parts you can see. So now Ive got to the body on stage Ive found myself needing to take a few steps backwards in the build.
I want to cut the fuel tank off and the rear wheel arches so I can paint them seperatly from the chassis as they will be red to match the side panels.


Has anybody actually cut these things off before? Or is it, as I suspect, just a case of taking a tamiya razor saw down the tank mounting brackets... and the wheel arches just nip them off at the root and glue them back in place later?



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