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1/48 Monogram F-86F kit..

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Are there any online build reviews of the 1/48 Monogram F-86F kit? I was not able to find anything on MM kit build reviews.
How bad is the fit of this old kit? Also, how bad are the sink/ejector pin marks?
I built the Academy F-86 and it was a dream to build.
So is the Monogram a bad kit in terms of fit?

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If you're referring to the 'Black Angel' boxing of the kit in the link above, I've built it.  It's no Hasegawa or Academy but it's a passable representation of a Sabre.  There's no real intake to speak of as it's blanked off a half inch or so down the intake.  Cockpit is spartan but you can dress it up if you so choose.  Some filler is needed along fuselage seams and wing to fuselage joint underneath.  The nose gear well inserts into the fuselage as a whole assembly and it will require bit of filler also.  Wing fences and pitot tube are molded on.  The wing fences extend too far onto the leading edge of the wing.  Speed brakes and canopy can be posed open or closed.  Flaps can be posed up or down.  Gun panels can be posed open or closed with fuselage panels.  Ailerons, rudder and horizontal stabilizers are fixed and can't be posed.  Fit of nose ring to fuselage is not bad but it needs a bit of filler also.  There was flash on some of the parts.  Main landing gear are kind of a weak point.  I'd recommend using CA glue to attach rather than plastic cement.  Nose gear is pretty sturdy.  I used spare intake and exhaust FOD covers from an Academy Sabre I'd built.  It looks better than the plugged intake and short exhaust tube.  I don't recall ejector pin or sink marks to be much of an issue.


Is the level of accuracy as good as an Academy or Hasegawa kit?  No.  It's an old kit.  Having said that, the kit has the appropriate fuselage side engine vents and the vent on the top of the fuselage at the base of the vertical stabilizer is flush as were those built by Canadair but not by North American.  It's not a putty hog by any stretch of the imagination but it's not a 'shake and bake' kit either.  Overall, the fit isn't really too bad and for the price, it's not a bad deal.  I wasn't overly disappointed with the end result but I used aftermarket decals for an RCAF Sabre.





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