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Current shipping times from Russia to US?

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I want to get some of the modern Russian pilot figures that Tempmodels just released plus some ordnance from Advanced Models, but I don't want a 3+ month wait for the orders to get to me like the three orders I placed from Russian vendors back in the April-May time frame.  Has anyone had a recent experience of ordering product from Russia to the US?  I'm trying to get an idea of the current shipping time using Russian Post, not DHL or another expensive express shipper.


Victorymodels.com here in the US stocks Advanced Models line, but they have been out-of-stock for some time on the items I want.  I don't think Tempmodels has a US distributor.

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I ordered something from ebay from a russian seller and it took a few days to get to the post office 16 Sep. Stayed in the local Post Office till the 22 Sep when it went through the big Moscow P.O. so now its on its way from russia to the US. Judging from a previous package it will take a week or so to get here and another week to get through US customs and to go from NYC to Baltimore. 

This is the least expensive tracked postage. I would definitely get tracked postage!!!!

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