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I/650 Enterprise, TOS Lighting options

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I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, I haven't seen many NG episodes or the Picard films, let alone the new series.


I'm old enough to have had an initial release of the classic 18" AMT kit. Old guys and kit historians will know that it came with a light kit that illuminated the top of the bridge and area below the saucer. 

I would like to remake that kit.

I know they make the old kit (I've read it's technically a repop since AMT made new molds years ago when the originals wore out), but I'm looking for the original-style light setup.


So I'm looking for nothing on the nacelles, no strobe or navigation lights...just the large saucer lights that would make a neat nightlight...ideally in LED to save batteries and have the bulbs last longer than the 1966 technology.


Anyone know a source of ideas?

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I go to the surplus store, buy bulbs and wires and do it myself. Its easier then I thought it would be. There are lovely light sets you can buy (Tenna controls for example) But they cost big money. The lights on my 1/350 Constellation cost me around $15. Much better then $300.




Here is a bunch of options. Only the 1/350 Enterprise uses a light set (Polar lights) everything else is home made.



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