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SA315B LAMA . Brush Painted . . . 1/48 . Heller

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Hello Friends,


Presenting the Sa315B of the Indian Army. The kit is from Heller and is of the SA313 in 1/48 size. This was modified into the Sa315B. 


The Model is 100% Brush Painted using locally available acrylics. 


Stretched Sprue was made using discarded pieces of the kit sprues and was used extensively for the detail and scratch-building.  The rear fuselage skeleton was chucked away as it was too thick for this scale. This was made with stretched sprue. More detail was added to this using the same stretched sprue. 


Cockpit was bare with little detail thus this too was detailed using sprue.  

Seat belts were also added using masking tape. 


The whole engine was basic too and the grills were represented by clear parts. The hydraulic lines and the various pipes and tubing were represented by stretched sprue of varied thickness.


Do Enjoy the build and looking forward for your inputs. 



Captain Adi


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