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Dr Who diorama 1/35

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Building a 10th Dr Who diorama for my eldest daughter who is a big Dr Who/David Tennant fan.


Will eventually be the Dr inside the Tardis.  Might add a few other characters.



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On 10/23/2020 at 8:18 AM, VADM Fangschleister said:

Remember, the Tardis is bigger inside than it is outside. 


I will watch to see how you master this modeling feat.  Shouldn't be a problem...🤨


Yup, only building an inside the Tardis scene.


Central console well advanced, contains a blue & flashing green LED which will run off a 9V battery.  Still lots of tubes going everywhere to be added over console.


Now wrestling with the upper & lower deck structures.



was going to insert pics from Imagur but does not seem to work like it did ???????












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The fragile console bits have a bit more structural strength now with the installation of the decking & 'interior tree limb thingys???'











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