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Eduard Fw190 D-9 Late

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Hi All,


Attached are some pictures of my just completed 1/48 Eduard Fw190 D-9 Late.  I did this one in a color scheme based on written records, not photos, so there was some artistic license employed here, for an aircraft of 9. Staffel KG(J) 27, April 1945, from the Eduard instructions.  I really liked the contrasting white and green checks on the aft part of the fuselage, which is why I chose this scheme.  I know that I forgot to finish the wingtip navigation lights, so I don't need any comments on that missed detail, but any and all other comments would be hugely appreciated.


By the way, I had almost trashed this build twice, the first time due to a rotten paint job on the wings, and the second due to messing up the decals on the underside of the wings, but in both cases, my wife convinced me to hold onto the model, set it aside, and look at it again at some later time, once my passion, or rather, anger, at myself for having messed up the model, had passed.  This I did in both cases, and this served to salvage this airplane.  I'm still finding, despite the challenges posed by doing the best possible airbrushing of various paints, brands/types/etc., the two most difficult aspects of building airplanes remains 1) decals, and 2) antennas/wires/arials.  If I could nail those two areas, It would go a long way to easing the stress that builds inside me as I near the end of a model's construction.


It is not the best example of my work, but it is at least passable, and certainly better than it would been at the bottom of a trash bag somewhere.  I'm still interested in any comments anyone may have! 😊









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Hey guys...thanks so very much!  I'm glad she kept after me, too!  I always keep hoping I can build better models, but this one turned out better than I had a right to hope for.  Again, I appreciate the kind words, gents.

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