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FOR SALE 1/32 Tamiya F16 Thunderbirds kit with full Isracast F-16I Sufa conversion sets and all aftermarket to make F16I Sufa

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It's a 1/32 F-16C Thunderbirds kit.  However it doesn't have the Thunderbirds decals and its not in its original box.  Plus a few parts are off the sprues but is fully complete.  It also has a few extra sprues from other Thunderbirds kits and a few extra sprues from a Tamiya F-16 block 50 kit.  Also has three extra sprues from the 1/32 Academy F-16I SUFA kit which are very handy as has some extra Israeli bombs on them you can only get in the academy sufa kit and antennas ect

I'm asking 250 euros for it plus postage.  A lot of the isracast stuff is all out of production.
It has everything to make the best version of the Isreli F-16I Sufa
So it includes
Set of resin/PE Flightpath AMRAAM missiles
Master metal pitot tube with AOA sensors (angle of attack sensors)
Master metal static dischargers
Tamiya heavy landing gear (from the Tamiya block 50 kit)
Isracast F-16I Sufa resin/PE complete 
conversion set for the tamiya Thunderbirds kit including decals and vacuform canopy
Aires resin cockpit set
Isracast vacuform plastic and resin Israeli 600 gallon fuel tanks (includes two tanks)
Aires block 50/52 main wheel bay
Eduard PE F16 interior
Eduard PE Sufa interior
Eduard PE Sufa exterior
Eduard PE F16 placards set
Eduard PE Sufa undercarriage
Isracast resin RAFAEL Litening pod with decals
Isracast resin Delilah cruise missiles with data link pod. (Currently being used against targets in syria) by the Israeli sufas)
Isradecal F-16I Sufa complete decal set with Hebrew stencil data
X academy AIM-9 X sidewinders
2 X academy python 4/5 missiles
2 X academy F16D two seat canopies which fit the isracast conversion set (1 X clear canopy and 1x to tinted canopy)
Academy F16D canopy rail to fit the academy canopies too plus pi!it's grab handles for the inside of the canopy rail
Resin Block 52 front wheel bay door
Block 52 resin front wheel strut and wheel
Resin small mouth intake 
Resin Pratt and Whitney burner can
Resin Pratt and whitney engine cowling
Resin Pratt and Whitney flame holder
Kit is located in France.  Anyone interested, PM me
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