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Italeri 1:32 scale Tornado

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There are threads over at Large Scale Planes.  Some mixed feelings about what’s been shown.  One of the biggest complaints is that the weapons included are quite old and don’t include more “modern” ordnance like Brimstone, ALARM, Storm Shadow, TIALD pod, etc., plus it appears that the only tanks included are the larger Hindenburgers.  The panel lines are wide, like Italeri did with the F-104 andMirage kits, and some photos show sink marks on the flaps, which hopefully are just on test shot parts and not on the actual production sprues.  And, it’s expensive.  On the other side, the detail is nice, it’s great to have the option of forward wings with dropped slats and flaps (not sure about the deployed thrust reversers, though - depends on how they fit closed), and because they broke the nose and fuselage up into more part, it avoids the big areas of missing or faint panel lines on the Revell kit.


I think that, like the F-104 and Mirage, there will be some disappointment that Italeri could have done better, but many people will buy it because it’s seen as an overall improvement over the previous kits, and hope that the kit will bring out a wave of aftermarket stuff that will take care of many or the complaints.

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Thats interesting...

I remember tackling the Revell kit about 20 years ago now, it was the first time I tried putting LED lighting into a kit. I cant remember the wings having the flaps and slats on them, I seem to remember I had the wings swept back and had to buy the Hindenburg tanks.


If they are the only complains about the kit its been added to the wish list at the very least.

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Well, at least for the moment I will refrain from the kit. I confess the panel lines do really look quite excessive - rather like trenches. Not really what one would expect nowadays but hey, in the end if that was the worst problem, so be it. A few layers of primer and color and it might not turn out so bad. I still do have two old Revell Tonis and the old but nice Paragorn flaps / slats. As long as I can do with these (those few missing panel lines on the intake sides and the belly are not really a huge issue to rescribe) I just don't see any reason to pay three-digit amounts for that kit. It may be quite nice. Is it three-digit-nice? ..... hmmmmmm .....

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