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Quinta Studios cocpit sets.

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excellent stuff I just did my Tamiya F-14 and WOW!!!! If you ever used an Eduard set it's preety much the same thing. remove the plastic details and replace with the parts supplied. Instructions were straight forward. I can say this they are a bit more expensive than Eduard PE but they are also much nicer. If they are available for the kit Im building I'll buy Quinta. I think Eventually this stuff will make PE a thing of the past....

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If anything, i hope this new technology can bring down the prices of regular photo etch kits because these are generally overpriced. I have seen the Quinta sets but not tried them yet and not really sure i will. Remains to see if this will catch on or just touch and go.

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Have you guys checked out the Red Fox Studios sets?



I got some of the 1/32 sets during their initial weekend when they were offering two for one and free shipping for over $100 USD, but sadly that deal is over.  Now it’s $200 for free shipping, and shipping is a bit expensive, but they do ship by UPS air, so it arrives in a few days from Hungary to the US.

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