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Need help finding reference

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I've been scouring the web to no avail for information regarding the External Tank transport used to move ETs from MAF to the Cape's VAB.

I've found a variety of pictures, but I'd like to find drawings or references that may contain dimensions.


Any help is appreciated.



Ernie A.



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5 hours ago, spaceman said:

What are you looking for exactly? :hmmm:Not after the transport barge, right? 




Correct, not the transport barge, but the transporter in which the ET was moved around horizontally.  From MAF it was moved inside the barge using the transporter in question and once at the Kape, it was moved into the VAB where it was stacked.

All pictures on the web show it to be colored yellow.




Ernie A.

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21 hours ago, habu2 said:

I’m not in front of my copy but have you looked at the shuttle book(s) by Dennis Jenkins?


His latest / final tome is a massive 3-volume set covering the entire program.






He initially published a much smaller volume covering development and missions thru #25 (Aerofax publisher)




This was followed by expanded versions covering missions 1-50, 1-75 and 1-100. You can find all these versions on various places like amazon








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Hi Ernie,


you're a lucky guy, because last year just before Christmas Posted December 23, 2019 I was looking for the ET Aft Support Transportation Fitting on this ET Assembly Transporter, but first I had to scroll back a few pages in my own STS-6-Thread:coolio:



Source: System Definition Handbook SLWT, Vol. II (Lockheed Martin)


This is a nice drawing of the ET Transporter,


Source: System Definition Handbook SLWT, Vol. II (Lockheed Martin)


but unfortunately there are no dimensions of the transporter in this Handbook, but you can determine them using the attachment points of the ET for scratch-building the Transporter in your model scale size if you plan to do it. :whistle:

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Thank you for the pictures.  Great reference.


Also, thank you for linking your ET build.  WOW!  What an amazing job detailing the ET. 

Your build will be a great reference.  


Again, thank you so much for sharing.


Ernie A.

In Texas.

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If I'm not mistaken, you're referring to the one with lots of wheels.  At least that's the one I've seen... The orbiter on its transport would be a great diorama, wouldn't it?


I'm sure that someone out there has already done it or is in the process of doing it.


Thanks for the help habu2.


Ernie A.

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This is the one NASA used to move orbiters around at the Cape.




The same/similar frame on a different transport.




This is the commercial one used to move orbiters after retirement through streets to museums.



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